Solidarity COVID-19


In these uncertain times, artisans are suffering enormously….

Due to COVID-19, families in the Third World are suffering as successive lockdowns and inflation have deprived them of their daily income.

In La Guajira, Colombia, the situation is critical. With one of the lowest GDPs in the country, indigenous peoples are recovering very slowly.


We regularly accompany our orders with a little extra, food or work tools, to make the daily lives of our craftsmen easier.

Thanks to the very generous support of friends of AALUNA, we have helped over 100 families with food and daily supplies.

Your support, our support, provided the means to meet their needs at the height of the crisis, and still allows them to get through difficult times a little better.

The situation is not easy, but what artisans need now is to work.


“By purchasing AALUNA products, we are able to provide work to artisans with ancestral know-how.

Thanks to you, families can foresee for their needs, preserving their culture, their beliefs, and make a living from their art.

On behalf of AALUNA and the craftsmen working with us, I thank you for your purchases and trusting us”