Our Mission

To meet the needs of modern customers, AALUNA handbags are carefully designed for aesthetic appearance and practical use.

We work closely with the Wayuu artisans who make our bags, to create unique and beautiful accessories that will last longtime.


We aim to celebrate indigenous Colombian craftsmanship. We design accessories that are handmade by local Wayuu tribes in order to support their craft and sustain local communities.

Each year, we create “ethical chic” collections, with modern and urban looks, while providing fair treatment and pay to our artisans.


We are in direct contact with Wayuu artisans.

This allows us to better understand their needs, culture, and the complexity of their craftsmanship.

Through this partnership, we provide our makers with fair pay and ethical, people-first business models.
At AALUNA, we focus our attention on design, quality, and chic details to appeal to the modern customer.

Our designs blend traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion trends to create truly unique Wayuu handbags. We design all drawings, patterns, and sizes in-house and discuss them with our artisans for production.

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We focus our production on Wayuu handbags. These handbags are called “mochilas”. Their distinct style can be recognized by their geometrical drawings and the specific weaving techniques used by Wayuu artisans.


About our craftsmanship

AALUNA works with Wayuu tribes to offer uniquely chic handbags.

AALUNA only works with the most skilled craftspeople, who use ancestrally refined techniques and the best materials for their creations.

Consequently, each handmade mochila takes time to be woven. On average, a medium-sized handbag takes 3-4 weeks to be produced. Because all of our pieces are 100% handmade, each one is unique.

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We work with expert artisans who are specialized in traditional hand-weaving techniques.

They weave carefully and slowly. Their artistry requires specific skills that guarantee long-lasting quality.

Next, we add chic modern details to each piece, like our 24-karat gold plated hardware finishings. To make each bag practical for everyday use, we added an internal pouch entirely handwoven for holding your phone, keys, and wallet.

Finally, as we know our customers care about the people making our products, each item comes with a removable tag bearing the name of the artisan who made it.

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