Artisan Wayúu mochila

Colombian indigenous people craftsmanship

A gift from Colombia

Each piece is unique and created with dedication and love

Meet the people behind

Once upon a time

The story behind the technique of Wayúu

Born from the desire to show the world the excellence of the Colombian indigenous people's craftsmanship.

Transmitting outstanding handicraft bags made by Colombian indigenous people to you.

Discover the brand

Aaluna accessories are 100% handmade by Wayúu communities who live in the Northern part of Colombia and Venezuela.

The Wayúu population is an ethnic group from the Guajira peninsula, it is a community of around 500,000 people with their own beliefs, language and lifestyle.

Meet the people behind

Wayúu handbags are extremely important for the Wayúu communities.
Girls learn to weave at an early age and weaving is part of their daily life.

It is said by Wayúu that « to be a women, is to know how to weave ».
A women who weaves well is well respected among her community.

Producing quality

We work tirelessly to bring chic and exclusive accessories
to the modern customer, who cares not only for quality products, but also for an ethical production process and the fair pay of the artisans for their work.

On average, it takes up to 3-4 weeks
to produce one artisan Wayúu mochila.
Each piece is unique and created
with dedication and love.

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