The Concept

Aaluna is born from the desire to show the world the excellence of the Colombian indigenous people craftsmanship.

We pledge to contribute to the preservation of traditions and unique artistry, and to sustain local communities and their development.

We work tirelessly to bring chic and exclusive accessories to the modern customer, who cares not only for quality products,
but also for an ethical production process and the fair pay of the artisans for their work.


Wayúu weaved bags are called “mochilas”. Aaluna only works with the best artisans who use their ancestral techniques and the best quality threads in their creations.

On average, it takes up to 3-4 weeks to produce one artisan Wayúu mochila.
Each piece is unique and created with dedication and love.

Each artisan has expressed their creativity by signing the bottom of each bag with their own pieces. These drawings are called Káanas and represent the Wayúu peoples` link to nature and the cosmos.