The Collections

AALUNA is focusing on 2 Wayuu handbag lines :

AALUNA lines:

Lines of bags specially created and designed for AALUNA customers, weaved by Wayuus, with a contemporary and chic identity but still keeping its authentic Wayuu DNA.

Curated by AALUNA

Bags created and designed by the Wayuus, showing their great creativity and chosen by AALUNA for its customers.

The major part of drawings weaved on bags designed by Wayuus are called Kanaas.

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Discover the Kanáas

What's the Kanaas ?

Kanaas are the geometrical drawings waved by the Wayuu women. It translated by “the art of weaving drawings”.

These abstract shapes represent their surroundings and daily life, and have a specific interpretation: mystical, magical or linked to human existence.

They are colourful and the more complex the drawing, the greater its value.

Each bag tells a story, describing dreams and hopes.


One on top of the other.

These Kanaas represent the steps in life.
One step after the other, we go higher in life.

Marüliunaya or Itanaya

Drawings done on a vegetal recipient used for cooking called “totumo”.

They represent a distorted path of life, which is not ineluctably negative. Each triangle represents a step of life, it could be good or bad, it could be a small or a large experience, each one bringing us to prosperity.


The weaving of the ceiling.

These Kanaas represents the strength and security of home.



This represents the need to recognize that we are not self-sufficients.
We always need our ancestors to support us.


Represents a fish eye.

A fish eye has the tenacity to percieve things and dangers from far away.
With cleverness, we can easier move forward in life.


Paths that cross.

Paths that meet different worlds, 2 persons who meet to share the same destiny.


The mother of all kanaas.

Represents the gift of motherhood or fertility.