The name

The word Aluna comes from the Koguis people, from Santa Marta, Colombia. For the Koguis, the world is divided into the invisible, the spiritual that they would call “Aluna”, and the visible.

The brand Aaluna is the combination between the initials of its founder – Adriana Archambault- and her desire to pay tribute to the indigenous peoples, their beliefs, their respect for nature, their craftsmanship and ancestral knowledge.

Credits @cristianmarzph

The Design

Wayúu bags are known for their beautiful patterns called Káanas.
They represent the Wayúu people link to nature and cosmos.

Based on this know-how, Aaluna has developed two collections tailored for the urban consumer.

A brand who cares

Aaluna aims to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste we generate.

Therefore, we will only be using cotton bags in shipping; no plastic or paper bags will be used in the packaging of our handcrafted bags.