Solidarity COVID-19

Wayuu People - Colombia


In uncertain times, artisans and craft makers are suffering enormously….

As a result of COVID-19, third-world families are suffering as lockdowns have left them without their everyday pay.

In la Guajira, Colombia, the situation is critical. The Wayuu people that we partner with have lost their source of income based on craftsmanship and ecotourism.

Wayuu People - Colombia
Wayuu People - Colombia


In conjunction with the artisans AALUNA works with, we identified families with the greatest need.

Thanks to the very generous support of friends of AALUNA, we have been able to feed more than 100 families.

Our support has led to much gratitude.

The situation is not easy, but what artisans need now is to work.

Wayuu People - Colombia
Thanks to your purchases, we are able to place more orders, allowing the artisans to live from their work and be proud about their craftmanship. On behalf of AALUNA, and the craftmakers working with us, we wish you and the people you love, the best in this troubled time.
Adriana Archambault
Founder and CEO