Escama Medium bag Navy blue/Sky blue/Beige


Escama (means “fish scales” in Spanish). We have designed this line to highlight the fishing culture among Wayuu people.

The Wayuus are isolated tribes who have lived for centuries thanks to fishing, farming and goat breeding.

Change in climate has changed lands, leaving them arid and with a difficult access to water.

However, many stories and legends are still carried through the fishing culture of these communities.

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100% Handmade by Wayuu tribes from Colombia. Exclusive design made for AALUNA.


Metallic pieces: zamac coated gold 24K.

Height 20 cm, depth 17,5 cm, handle length 108 cm, width 5 cm.

Its large capacity allows you to carry your belongings across the day. It can be worn over one shoulder or cross-body.

Some details and sizes might slightly differ from one piece to the other.

Each one of our bags comes with an inside pocket – 100% handmade with invisible stitches – for your keys, cards or phone, and a tag with the name of the craft maker who made it.

They are easy to take care of, and can be hand washed with mild soap at 30C.

Attention: The drawings at the bottom of  each bag reflects the personal expression of the artisan who created it.  As a result, each piece we sell, is a “one of a kind” and the design might not be the one in this e-commerce website’s picture. If you would like to get the photos of the bottom designs available for this reference, feel free to contact us at, we will be pleased to email them to you.

By purchasing this bag, you are acquiring a fashionable, sustainable and ethical accessory.

We ship all over the world, and offer free shipments within Japan.

On behalf of AALUNA and the Wayuu tribes working with us, thank you for your interest in our bags.