The Wayuu Artisans

AALUNA works with the Wayuu indigenous people of Colombia.

Colombia hosts 65 tribes, each one with their own beliefs, language, craftsmanship, and respect for nature.

In the far northern part of Colombia live the Wayuus, an indigenous tribe of 500,000 people. Because their lands are isolated and arid, outside civilization has had limited influence on the people living there.

Wayuu traditions, languages, and beliefs are transmitted generation after generation. Specifically, weaving plays a very important role in Wayuu culture as women learn to weave at a very early age. It is said, “to be a woman is to know how to weave”.

Many traditions and legends exist around the weaving of handbags…

The legend of Walekerü

Once upon a time, a spider known as Walekerü taught a little girl her most precious skill: the art of weaving. That day the little girl became a woman. The spider left, leaving her and her people a gifted treasure: the technique of Wayuu.

Our founder, Adriana Archambault is a “citizen of the world”.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, she spent her childhood surrounded by South American culture. She then moved to Paris, France, where she lived her teenage years and her young adult life, embracing the French lifestyle.

After receiving a Master’s degree in law and business in France, she worked for French luxury brands in America, Europe, and Asia for more than 15 years. Today, she is based in Tokyo where she founded AALUNA to share Colombian artistry with stylish global customers.

Our French designer, Lucie Soriano, has a degree in Plastic Arts and a superior degree in Fashion Design from Studio Berçot, Paris.

She has worked for various companies in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in ready-to-wear and woven accessories for women. 

With 10 years of experience in a multicultural environment, she brings her passion for fiber arts as well as a chic French touch to the Aaluna collection.