We share the best craftsmanship from Colombia.

We create accessories made by local tribes, to contribute to maintain their ancestral know-how and sustain local communities.

In the meantime, to fulfill the needs of our demanding customers, a careful work is made on design, colours and practical sizes.
Doing so, each year, AALUNA creates “ethical chic” collections, with modern and urban looks, while providing a fair treatment and pay to its artisans.

About our craftsmanship

AALUNA works with Wayuu tribes to offer unique chic handbags.

We focus our production on Wayuu handbags. These handbags are called “mochilas”.

They can be recognized by their geometrical drawings and the specific weaving techniques used by Wayuu artisans.

AALUNA only works with the best craftmakers, who use ancestral refined techniques and the best materials for their creations.

Consequently, each AALUNA mochila takes time to be weaved. In average, a medium size handbag takes 3-4 weeks to be produced. As well, as all our pieces are 100% handmade, each one is unique.